About Dr Love CBD

The Dr Love CBD Approach

Dr Love CBD is a unique, physician-created CBD company that thinks about your health holistically. We know that CBD is best used as a component in an overall wellness program, whether that's one designed by experts you trust, or Dr. Love. 

Outside of our all-CBD Entourage Capsules, Dr Love CBD products are more than just CBD - they're formulations made with supplemental ingredients shown to be beneficial for a wide variety of ailments. 

Whether that's the added lavender in our Rest Capsules, or B12 in our Balance Capsules, Dr Love CBD has thoughtfully put together products designed to give you the best outcome possible.

More Than Meds

Tracking, Guides, and Complete Programs

The Genesis of Dr Love CBD

Dr Love CBD was founded by Dr. Richa Love, one of Canada's premiere experts in cannabis-based medicine. Having developed over 15,000 unique treatment plans for patients suffering from every ailment from anxiety to arthritis, Dr. Love recognized patterns in lifestyle choices, supplemental medications, mindfulness, and diet.

Observing and documenting these patterns, in tandem with ever-emerging research on CBD as a treatment option, shaped the formulations, programs, and products that eventually became the Dr Love CBD product line. Every Dr Love product comes from in-clinic, face-to-face experience with people who wanted to improve their health outcomes and enjoy life more.  

Questions about Dr Love CBD? Check out our FAQ and Contact pages for more info.