About CBD

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound derived from marijuana plants. Unlike its sibling compound THC, CBD can't get you high. Dr. Love and doctors like her frequently prescribe daily CBD treatment to school bus drivers, doctors, and others with high-risk jobs.

Recently, CBD has become popularized in North America and it is making its way into many consumer products. It’s important to realize that although there are several studies suggesting therapeutic value, CBD research is still in its early stages. As such, CBD is not a cure or a means to replace pharmaceuticals, but rather a potential tool that aids in wellness.

How much CBD should I take?

As a point of reference, our high-dose programs start at 90mg/day of CBD, and go up to 110mg/day. We consider those doses to be safe, with a high likelihood for effectiveness. But like many things wellness, your body, lifestyle, and conditions play a role. 

When it comes to taking CBD, the optimal dose for an individual depends on several factors such as body type, tolerance, and the level of discomfort they are feeling. Additionally, the type of CBD-based product and its concentration are also important factors that can affect the dosage and user experience. 

It's more common to see too low a dose taken (part of the problem we hope to correct) than it is too high of a dose. Nevertheless we advise all our users not to consume more than 1500mg of CBD per day.

Does Science Back Up CBD As Medicine?

In the scientific community, it's important to differentiate evidence from fact. Dr. Love can say, definitively, that she has seen the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment in her patients. This is evidence, but not a scientific fact.

As a member of the cannabis family, CBD has been very hard to study for a very long time. Many legal jurisdictions have held CBD in the same category as heroin. Some still do. Although this creates hurdles, there is still a substantial amount of CBD research taking place all around the world. In an effort to keep you up to date on the latest research, we continually post new CBD studies for review on our social media feeds (link in footer).