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Your community is asking about CBD – why not be their source for a safe, effective solution?

Before she started Dr Love CBD, Dr. Love ran her own medical clinic. Every day, patients asked about CBD, but she saw that suppliers, dosages, and brands are all over the map.

In response to Dr. Love's experience, and with her expertise, we've created a brand we're proud to carry, promote, and put on your shelves.

When you partner with Dr Love CBD, you're getting years of experience, a Texas-based support team, and access to incredible products.

Are you a health practitioner?

We work well with healthcare professionals

We know that health practitioners are being asked about CBD as a treatment, so we created Bloom program boxes, a self-contained solution.

We know that you want to do your own research before answering, so we made patient and partner education a central focus of our work.

We know that you want the best for your patients, so we created a holistic, guided program to get the best results possible.

We know that CBD can’t replace traditional therapies, so our guided programs focus on the integration of CBD therapy instead of making claims that it’s a miracle drug.

We know that your reputation matters, so we use full-spectrum, organic CBD oil capsules with high standards of production and packaging.

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