Complete Programs

A Holistic, CBD-Based Solution

If you're new to CBD, or simply looking for a complete solution, our programs may be for you.

These specially-designed wellness programs contain condition-specific nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness guides, a variety of CBD wellness products, and a detailed program booklet created to guide members through the wellness journey. Bloom by Dr. Love has three program types, each in a standard and "Plus" size.


Feel relaxed and at peace. The Balance Program contains health information specific for supporting mental wellbeing.


Experience freedom from discomfort. The Relief Program contains health information beneficial for easing pain, so you can keep doing what you love.


Wake up feeling rejuvenated! The Rest Program is specially designed to support healthy sleep, so you wake up feeling restored and ready to take on the day.

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Box Overview

What's In A Program?


Bloom offers comprehensive wellness programs that provide you with condition specific education and specially crafted products designed to improve your wellness. It has helped me remain calm plus improve my overall inflammation.

Luis F. (NY)

Both my joints and sleep patterns have been doing so much better recently. Since starting with the Rest program I have seen such a huge improvement not only in my sleep, but also in my overall joint aches and pains.

Christian M. (CA)