Share the Love Terms + Privacy

Dr Love CBD's Share the Love Program members accept the following conditions and statements:

Terms and Conditions

Terminology: Dr Love CBD (DL CBD) is the operator and manager of the Share the Love Program (the Program) for Program members (Members). Member are defined as those who are approved to participate in the program, in good standing. The program is run through an application called GoAffiliatePro, sometimes shortened to GoAffPro. In participating in the Program, Members understand that Dr Love CBD cannot control the information gathered by GoAffPro or remove users from any mailing lists created on behalf of GoAffPro. Please review GoAffPro's site at before joining. 

The Program is not multi-level marketing (MLM), as there is no incentive to add more program members. There is no minimum to purchase. 

Members, once approved, are under no obligation to purchase products. Members may be given a coupon code for a single purchase of products below cost to allow for product testing. This code does not have to be used. It is a one-time code with a fixed maximum discount amount in dollars, set case-by-case by the Program for individual Members. 

To be rewarded, Members share a unique link or a coupon code, which are shared upon approval. Should someone click the Member's unique link, and make a trackable* purchase, the Member will receive a 15% credit in their GoAffPro account. This can be viewed at 

Once the account reaches the minimum threshold of $25USD in accrued credit, a Member can request a payout, to be paid via PayPal or Dr Love CBD store credit. 

Should members lose their login, code, or unique link, they may email carla (at) for support. 

Members may be removed at the discretion of the program, at any time, for any reason. A Member who acts in ways contrary to the below Code of Condut or harms the Dr Love CBD brand may be penalized with their accrued credit being void. A Member removed in good standing will always be paid out.



All claims made about the efficacy of CBD or Dr Love Products must be attributed personally, never to Dr Love CBD. Dr Love CBD, as a brand, makes no specific claims about the efficacy, legality, or research behind CBD or other compounds found in Dr Love CBD products. Program Members are encouraged to do their own research and tell their own story. 

By participating in the Program, Members assume all legal risks associated with the promotion or ownership of a personal supply of CBD, CBG, CBN, or other compounds. Please understand your own local laws regarding CBD and possible risks. 

Racism, hate speech, or other public-facing activity which could damage the Dr Love CBD brand by association may result in a Program removal. 

Program members are generally expected to be supportive of Dr Love CBD's efforts, friendly towards the brand, and ethical in their dealings with the world as it relates to the Program.


Should you wish to have your personal information deleted from the Program's record, simply email info (at) with that request. We will clear your information from our internal systems within 7 days. To request GoAffPro do the same, please see their own privacy regulations.